I’m up!  I’m finally in the blogging world.

Hello, everyone.  I’m CountryGaladriel.  For my friends on RabbitTalk, you know me as Galadriel, but somebody else took that username here on WordPress before me, so picking one for my blog wasn’t nearly as easy as I’d hoped.

I live on a farm in my own piece of Lothlórien in the middle of nowhere.  I just love my Christian music, so you will most likely see a lot of music videos, but not all the time.  I also draw a bit; you might see some of that if scanning it doesn’t make it look ridiculous.

It was crazy trying to find a username.  First I tried plain Galadriel, but you know what happened there already.  Mom (Miss M to you!) and I went hunting all over the Internet for another Galadriel-related name—-ithildin, Nerwen, Nimrodel, you name it, we tried it.  But somebody else always had them!  Then, right as I was about to settle on Nessamelda (some obscure flower in Middle-Earth) Mom suggested that I try tagging on something to Galadriel.  She then tossed out GaladrielInBoots, GaladrielAmongThistles, and CountryGaladriel!  I went all of a sudden from no-choice to too-many-choices because I liked them all! Oh, well, I still like them all, but I’m not complaining.

Wish me luck!